Intercourse play weird, twisted hardcore that make them an anomaly in their home state of Connecticut where most hardcore fans/bands are obsessed with all things that sound like the straightforward metalcore crunch of Hatebreed and all bands that play in a similar style as Hatebreed.

But, not these guys. Their sound is rooted in bands like Deadguy and Coalesce, along with noise rock bands like the Cows and Pissed Jeans, with even a little dash of the Butthole Surfers fucked weirdness thrown in for good measure. To say they sound different from a majority of the hardcore bands coming out of the Nutmeg State these days is an understatement. But, luckily for people willing to go beyond the typical, they exist to surprise and delight those weirdos looking for a hardcore band that take a different approach.

On their new album, Rule 36, which is their second full-length, coming three years after their debut full-length Everything Is Pornography If You’ve Got An Imagination (along with an EP Bum Wine, a split seven-inch with Gaytheist and a live album), they focus more on the noise rock side of their sound. But not to worry; it’s still plenty twisted, loud, and surly, and lead singer/sole, remaining founding member Tarek Ahmed still has one of the most unhinged howls in the game to go along with his angry-drunk-at-last-call rant-singing.

Rule 36 opens with the lurch and howl of “An Even Briefer History Of A Drowning Boy,” which is an off-kilter explosion of feedback, pounding drums, bass, lacerating guitar, and Ahmed’s howl. “Sorry I Missed Your Set” is a brutal takedown of music scene politics, while “Dr. Catheter” is a gruesome, nasty, short piece of noise punk.

“No Country For Old Crow” (got to love Ahmed’s way with a song title), starts out grindy, and even goes fast at certain points, before ending with more of their patented strum and drang. “Crop Circle Jerk” starts out mid-paced, explodes into a sprint, and then goes back to a mid-pace lurch, at the drop of a hat, before ending fast. It finishes with “Pagliacci Was Ahead Of His Time,” a three-minute burst of noise and fuzz.

Rule 36 is another killer album from Connecticut hardcore’s odd men out. So, if you’re looking for something a little bit different when it comes to your hardcore, then these guys have definitely got you covered. It’s time more people heard about them.

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