The Interrupters
The Interrupters
(Hellcat Records)

Every morning I see a hawk sitting on the ledge of an old World War II building on the docks in Richmond, CA. Beside the rusted old fallen General Warehouse sign this fearless osprey looks out at his kingdom. He stoically waits to scavenge food. He is king of his world, master of his universe. Tim Armstrong is much the same way. Anything he touches turns into good solid punk. The Interrupters self-titled album is no different.

From the first note to the last this album is worth its money. Listening to this masterpiece brings me back to my adolescent years and at the same time it applies to current situations as well.

The vocals on the track “Easy On You” brings to mind the melodies of pop star Gwen Stefani before she had been around that track a few times and made the declaration of not being a Hollaback girl.

The Interrupters have a sound that fit into today’s Punk/2 tone world. Much like a lot from Hellcat Records releases, there is a ska blend to most of the album, as well as sounds reminiscent of mid-90s Rancid mixed with a slightly more ska infused Operation Ivy.

The unique thing about The Interrupters is there is no dedicated horn section found on the album like one would find in a lot of ska bands. Now that is not to say that there are no horns on the album. A good example of a song with horns would be “Judge Not.” There is a lone horn luring the listener into the sweet fun energy of the song.

The tracks that do not have any horns still carry the same energy as any other track. This is in part to the sing-a-longs and the manipulations of singer Aimee Allen’s vocals. Tim Armstrong also appears as a guest vocalist for the song “Family.” Another element that carries the album is the ska guitar mixed with the drumming. One can skank their way through the entire album.

If I could sum up the album in a word it would be energy! From start to finish there is an energy created that is fun and positive. If you could capture the energy of a live show into one album this would be that album. The Interrupters have created a wonderful piece of art! I highly recommend this album. (Adam Vedomske)

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