Invent, Animate
(Tragic Hero)

Have you ever had a situation when you’re in the mood to listen to a certain band, but you’ve already listened to their albums to the point of exhaustion? You want something similar to scratch that particular itch, but you want something just slightly different? For whatever reason, I’ve had that happen a number of times with Northlane or Erra, as their hard-hitting brands of progressive metalcore really hit the spot from time to time. It would be great if I had something similar to those bands. I guess I should be careful what I wish for because it might come true.

Invent, Animate offers up a sound that certainly tries to scratch that itch. The Texas-based group has a sound that sounds like Erra and Northlane combined. Fans of technical, groovy metalcore should be in Heaven with Everchanger. “Native Intellect” features some nice off-kilter melodic interplay between the grooves similar to Erra. “Naturehold” specializes in down-tuned riffing interspersed with atmospheric guitar-work; I believe Northlane is known for that sort of thing. “Moon Phase” is one of the more stand-out songs, in part because it relies less on djent stereotypes and more on flourishes of impressive guitar work.

For fear of selling Invent, Animate short here, this is not an overt rip-off. There are some nice moments when the band channels Exoplanet-era The Contortionist with its ethereal atmosphere. However, there is little doubt that the band has not quite yet found its own sound. Sure, there is some remarkable talent on display, but Everchanger really doesn’t fully scratch the itch I have for more Erra or Northlane; instead, I would prefer to just go to the source. Right now, the band offers up an inferior product; however, the talent and potential is there for some serious growth. (Nicholas Senior)

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