(Southern Lord)

By God, this is a sloberknocker; Iskra come through with their third full length called Ruins reissued on Southern Lord, and the outcome looks and sounds like a car wreck!

Ruins is by far the Canadian black crust quartet’s most visceral and fantastic record to date. What should you expect from Ruins? Tremolo, tremolo, tremolo, and break neck bass drumming that will stomp you into little pieces along the way through 42 minutes of devastating extreme punk terror. Danielle’s vocals are lacerations, and the guitar style of Wolf and Anatol evokes vibes that are as fascinating as they’re perilous.

Through ten solid tracks of unholy blasphemy, Iskra will take you on a ride through parts unknown, and stomp a mud hole in you with a blistering groove. This is the noise that many blackened bands strive their entire career toward, but very few actually achieve.

Southern Lord have tapped into Iskra’s finest hour, and business is surely about to pick up! The reissue comes with a twenty page booklet dedicated to the journey of Victoria’s punk metal maniacs. (Nicholas Pendergast)

Purchase Ruins here.



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