Power Under Control
(Victory Records)

Violence & Destruction is a hard album to compete against, but Islander’s second LP, Power Under Control, puts up quite a fight. And you know what, it may just have won. “Better Day” has that sleazy-rock groove that Islander seemed to have instantly perfected in full-length debut ; “All We Need” is made infamous by its chorus, singing of punk rock’s glory in our lives and how it carries us; “Devil Red” is your go-to track for spitting vocals and explosive breakdowns; and “Think It Over (Featuring HR)” is a bundle of punk energy and pop vibe, calling for fan participation. With Power Under Control, Islander have proven once more that they are a band deserving of your radar pulse. Whether or not it actually tops Violence & Destruction is difficult to say, but at the very least it’s just as good. And that’s saying something. (Nathaniel Lay)

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