Jason Lancaster
As You Are
(Outerloop Records)

As You Are is the solo debut of Jason Lancaster, formerly of Go Radio and Mayday Parade. With the album he introduces listeners to a pure, raw version of the voice fans have been hearing for years. As You Are pulls listeners into Lancaster’s life with many of the songs focusing on love, faith, and the innocence of youth. At first, the focus of religion, particularly during “Save Me,” was a bit of a surprise (and one that could potentially alienate listeners) but, at its core, As You Are is Lancaster’s story and his faith is a big part of that story.

Lancaster is truly gifted, both in singing and song-writing. It’s clear that each and every song holds a place in his heart – listening to the album feels like listening to a friend tell a story. While each song stands on its own “You ‘n Me,” “Adam,” and “Climb Up to My Window” stand out as some of the best.

There is no doubt that As You Are is just the beginning of Lancaster’s career as a singer/songwriter. Fans of his previous bands will appreciate the voice they’ve always loved and new listeners may very well find themselves falling in love with Lancaster’s voice. (Skyanne Fisher)

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