Jimmy Eat World
(RCA Records)

I like Jimmy Eat World as much as the next guy (maybe even more if it were 1999 again) but I really felt they hadn’t done anything truly great since Futures. Not that their last couple albums were anything to spit at, I mean, even mediocre Jimmy Eat World still trumps 90% of what passes as rock music today, but when you add the collective impact of their work from 1996-2004 you’ve set the bar pretty high.

Damage quickly lays to rest any fears of an album with a couple decent tunes spread out around filler. With a grittier sound that last time and entirely different subject matter, the songs are fleshed out sans any drawn out instrumental noodling and often look back to Jimmy Eat World’s earlier days. All the hallmarks we’re used to are present- bouncy rhythms, heartfelt ballads, charged guitar rock and their always precise use of power versus melody. Lyrically, it’s a complete change from Invented, probing middle-aged heartbreak and proving to be one of their most personal discs to date. If you’ve liked anything in Jimmy Eat World’s career since 2000 there’s a good chance you’ll like this one more. (Tom Haugen)

Purchase Damage here:  http://jimmyeatworld.com/audio/damage/


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