Pop-rock artist Jon Stancer has released a new record, In Light Of, on January 21.

“The subject matter isn’t rosy, but I also think it’s pretty relatable,” says Stancer regarding the new record. “I wanted to convey what I was feeling and observing among those close to me.”

The record kicks off with mellow track, “These Arms (Won’t Let You Go)” piano melodies flutter through listeners ears, setting a relaxing tone for the album.

Follow-up track “In Light of Everything” ascends melodies slightly to adding a pick-up in smooth transitions.

“One.Six” mirrors the overall calming aura of the previous tracks. The song stays stagnate with a slight mix of a danceable atmosphere.

Songs such as “This Cannot Wait (Until Tomorrow)” hones in on Stancer’s targeted rainy-day ambience, feeling as if he sought out to create when he was creating this record. Putting emphasis on string instruments and piano hooks.

Further down the record fans will find “A Few Degrees of Adjustment” here, Stancer picks up the tempo, expressing more of his rock influences, creating dynamics within the record.

The record closes on “Scared Off,” a song that produces a cinematic feel given through a piano introduction. Stancer’s voice comes echoing in adding a sense of familiarity. The song is a reflection of songs that came before it. With easy listening and poetic lyrics, the track is the perfect way to end a record filled to the brim with tranquility.


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