Judcody Limon
Loose Ends
(Wreck It Records)

A search for home is evident in Loose Ends. In the unsettled details there is plenty of insecurity, driving anxiety levels to an extreme high. From there the search for a place to quiet that — i.e. home — begins, and that is where one can find Judcody Limon. Loose Ends is a blissfully calm release, matching the soundscape of finding an urgent cry without having to overly distort or strain their palette.

The music swells naturally, blending the swirling atmosphere of post-rock with emotionally distraught lyrics. Opener “Loose Ends” sparkles instrumentally with the vocals idly following a monotonous melody. This variance helps the song gain more traction as it builds to the end, led by lyrics full of loss, “now what can I do? Nothing makes sense without you.” It is a tune so drenched in melancholy and so ridden in despair that it feels nice to be sucked into its vortex. It’s pleasing to hear, but entirely one dimensional. That’s where a lot of Judcody Limon’s songs sit, full of emotion but trudging along in a simple manner.

Not to say that’s a faulty expression, because at times a song’s emotional prowess are the entire reason to listen. “Pockets Full Of Lint” drifts to a spot where the emotions torch their way over the music, confined to vocal melodies that find the narrator on the breaking point of their attempts to find peace. “Colorado” is a slow burner, if not a bit over dragging with a pulsing drum pattern backing plucked guitar notes. Again, the simple writing structure finds a way to ease the sentimental lyrics through vocal patterns.

Judcody Limon find ways to make each song memorable, if not by the repetition of melodies stretching through the songs. Loose Ends at times beats as still as one’s heart, especially after the trauma that overcomes during a rough break. With that being said, “Guerir” closes the record with a soft, tranquil breath about overcoming the dark.

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