Jungle Rot
Order Shall Prevail
(Victory Records)

Wisconsin death metal trope Jungle Rot has been kicking for over 20 years now, so it’s no surprise they’ve got an MO and like to stick to it. Their last record, 2013’s Terror Regime, was a musical tank shooting out riffs at 100 MPH. It reminded listeners of the effectiveness of old-school, groove-oriented American death metal. It wasn’t the most revolutionary listen, nor did it offer up anything you haven’t heard in some way or another. Yet, Jungle Rot do what you’ve heard before better than any other death metal band (except maybe Autopsy).

Fast forward to 2015, and the formula is just about the same for Order Shall Prevail, except Jungle Rot seem to have distilled their essence even further. The band’s eighth album is faster, heavier, and angrier. The riffs are more furious; the solos are more potent, and the underlying thrash edge feels more up front. For most bands, chugging along in the same fashion would be a problem; for Jungle Rot, it’s high praise. Nobody does this sort of death metal this effectively, at least not anymore. The music feels tailor-made to get you to bang your head. There are only two real complaints you can levy against Jungle Rot’s latest opus of death metal crunch. First, the songs aren’t really all that different, so picking a favorite is fairly difficult; on the other hand, it makes the listening experience very easy going down, like a perfectly mixed gin and tonic. Also, you may have too weak of a constitution to handle this knuckle-dragging filth. If that’s the case, it’s time to man or lady up and stretch your neck. Jungle Rot’s latest and best record yet serves notice that Wisconsin can export more than just great cheese and beer. (Nicholas Senior)

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