Kev Sherry’s daytime gig with the Scottish band Attic Lights may take it’s cues from groups like Arcade Fire and British Sea Power, but on his first solo effort, he shows a stronger affinity to ‘90s, college-rock-radio bands like The Lemonheads and Buffalo Tom. Foxy Orthodoxy is part of a triptych Sherry has been working on that also involves the comic Warpaint and his debut novel Here Be Apples.

The album kicks off with the breezy instrumental “Here be Apples.” Though not offensive, it just seems like unnecessary filler compared to a stellar track like “The Bluff” or the wry “Assholic.” There are even nods to Built To Spill and The Pixies here (especially the off-kilter guitars on a song like “Assholic”).

The record does drag a bit here and there, like on the slower moments, songs like “Yeezus Man” and “Thud,” the one exception being the nostalgic “Wasted Days.” It’s when Sherry embraces his Evan Dando influences, leaning into the louder, poppier instincts, that the album manages to impress.

The record ends with the maudlin “Last Bus 11.57,” a deflating moment on an otherwise-mostly-solid album.  

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