Kingdom Of Giants
All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare
(InVogue Records)

A relatively unknown metalcore band from Northern California named Kingdom Of Giants have just dropped their third full-length album, titled All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare, and it’s pretty killer. The album is the follow up to their 2014 release, Ground Culture. Three years is a long time for fans to wait for a new album, but for most, it will have been well worth it.

It’s clear from the get go that this isn’t the same Kingdom Of Giants from Ground Culture. It has been three years since that album was released, and the shift in sound is a welcomed one. Each track on All The Hell has a new sense of maturity that we hadn’t heard on their previous releases. The entire album is one powerhouse track after another. One could easily say something positive about every single song.

The album opens with “Cash Out,” a reinterpretation of what it means to be a struggling musician. “I might be broke // I may not sleep in my own bed  // But I can’t live with myself and think what could have been.” When we’re kids we’re told that we need to decide what our career path will be for the rest of our lives. We’re told our value is how productive we are and how much money we earn. The life of a touring musician may seem like a worthless choice to those people who are in that mindset.

Instead of the traditional breakdown that’s usually expected of a metalcore track, the song “Lowlife” features an extended rap verse. It’s something different for the band, and quite enjoyable. “Tunnel Vision” featuring JT Cavey (ERRA) is probably the best song on the entire album. He brings his unmistakable vocals that fans of ERRA have come to love. Another solid track is the following one, which is titled “Lost Cause,” featuring Daniel Gailey of Phinehas. Gailey is the guitarist in the band, and he makes his presence known in the breakdown of the song.

The best thing a band can do is build upon the foundation they’ve created whenever they release new music. They don’t always need to drastically change their sound – just polish things off and make small improvements where they can to raise the bar with each release. That is exactly what Kingdom Of Giants have done. Each album thus far has improved over its predecessor one way or another. A huge change in their trajectory occurred when their clean vocalist left sometime after their debut EP, Abominable, was released. It may not have seemed like it at the time, but that was probably the best thing to have happened to them in terms of their evolution. It’s because of that change that we have the band that we enjoy today.

All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare is a definitely a must-buy for any fan of the band. It’s also a release that fans of metalcore should check out as well. Just like their previous releases, they tackle incredibly relatable topics surrounding life, growing up and discovering who we are meant to be. They’ve been relatively under the radar for the last six years, but I can’t imagine that will persist as long as they continue to release solid albums like their last two.

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