Knife Hits
(Dead Tank / Hydrogen Man / Give Praise)

Knife Hits plays a style of hardcore that merges discordant, off kilter riffs with the speed of grind and back it up with a whole a lot of emotion. It’s quite the sonic cocktail, one that should definitely get people to notice their unique, and utterly ripping take on the genre.

They’re quite adapt at crafting about a minute and under burners, but they also know how to stretch it out a bit, playing around with dynamics, peppering their longer songs with blasts of low and slow sludge.

The album opens with a somber instrumental entitled “Second Death”, which leads right into the first proper track “Aches”, which continues on the downbeat mood of the first song until its last quarter where it picks up speed and ends. From there they throw in a couple of under a minute burners in “Descent” and “Perpetual Lethargy”, before “The Veil” stretches out over the two minute length, throws in some moments of mid-paced sludge pummel.

“Map Territory Relation” is the longest song on the album at 3:11, and features the band in a full on sludgy trawl, proving that they can do it both fast and slow. Of course this song is followed by another 1:34 burner in “Abhorrent”, just to keep the listener on their toes. While, “Forgotten Vessels” clocks in at a shade under three minutes, mixing up their blast and sludge modes seamlessly.

Eris is quite the listen. Knife Hits have come up with a corker of an album that breathes new life into this venerable form of music. They could be your new favorite hardcore band.

Purchase Eris here: Dead Tank | Hydrogen Man | Give Praise


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