Counting Heartbeats [2 Disc Reissue]
(Agonia Records)

For fans of sludge and post metal, this reissue couldn’t have come at a better time. This is the original debut album from Kongh, featuring all new artwork and a bonus CD which features the entire 2006 demo (which is definitely worth hearing), as well as the twenty-five minute “Drifting On Waves” piece from a split that the band did with Ocean Chief. Neither of these have ever been released on CD before, so make sure that you grab this reissue to check those out at least.

Five lengthy tracks compose the original album, and should definitely speak to fans of acts like Yob, early Mastodon and Isis, as well as Minsk, Neurosis and Cult Of Luna. The music lets loose a very sort of tribal sense; it seems like both an album as well as a nature ritual, filled with thick walls of guitar delay and agonized torrents of harsh vocal fury. Yet even through the fury, light atmospheres invade (even moreso on the original demo) building a sense of mystique to the release, which was well deserving of critical acclaim that it has since received. To put it bluntly, Counting Heartbeats is just a good post/sludge album and it’s great to see that someone cares enough to put it back out on the shelves. This release is only limited to a 1,000 copies however, and the first batch of these come with an exclusive silver print shirt. So if you’re interested, you’d better jump on that.

This reissue is definitely worth having in your collection and will be a good piece of music to tide you over until their new release comes out early next year. With a bonus demo and twenty-five minute piece included in the purchase price, it’s certainly not a bad deal at all. (Eric May)

Purchase Counting Heartbeats [2 Disc Reissue] here: https://www.agoniarecords.com/shop/kongh


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