La Dispute
Rooms of the House

(Better Living/Staple)

La Dispute have always been poetic storytellers and their newest record Rooms of the House is by far the best story they have told. In a story that follows collapsing relationships the idea that objects retain their meaning to an individual is compelling and creative. La Dispute has always been the band that pushes the envelope and while musically this record has more of a pop feel, the lyrical side of the record holds intimate emotions which place you in the shoes of those whom he speaks about.

This third studio album invades your mind and places you in a highly detailed dream, one that is breaking apart, twisting and cracking under the weight of the emotional turmoil that acts as a secondary point of interest. The record makes you think of the objects in your life, what meaning they have, what role they take on after the individual who helped you make the memories you associate those memories, fades away.  Objects are the main point of this record; objects that come and go with each track like the bridge in the song “35,” which give you an incredible view of the events that happen, “ wires snap, concrete gives, metal twisting and everything tumbling down.”

Rooms of the House is musical and visual art; visual art because of the extreme level of detail that is put into both the musical and lyrical side of the record. La Dispute has always been able to make do with the minimal amount of resources. La Dispute is a starving artist and Rooms of the House is the starving artists masterpiece. (Joseph Tucker)

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