Lacuna Coil
Broken Crown Halo
(Century Media Records)

As Revolver Magazine’s 2014 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour winds down, the party is just getting started for Lacuna Coil. This gothic metal band from Milan, Italy, which has already made quite a name for themselves in the States, is scheduled to release their seventh studio album, Broken Crown Halo, on April 1st. Known for the dueling vocals of Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro, the band rounds out its current line up with Marco “Maus” Biazzi on guitar and Marco “Maki” Coti Zelati on bass. While long time band members Cristiano “Pizza” Migliore (guitars) and Cristiano “CriZ” Mozzati (drums) have recently departed from the band, fans get one last album with the incarnation of Lacuna Coil that skillfully crafted the popular and well received, Dark Adrenaline in 2012.

According to Ferro, in a statement released on the Century Media Records’ website, he explains the concept for the new album as being a “fascinate[ion with] the differences and comparisons between real life and fairy tales. On this album we decided to mix the two worlds when writing our lyrics. We’ve fused dark and horror elements with real life situations and have created a metaphor – we are fighting for a kingdom and a crown that is not what it seems. It represents the moment of confusion we’re living in and the very fragile situations we face every day.”

Like most of Lacuna Coil’s music, Broken Crown Halo, tries to take the audience on an epic journey. One can hear the obvious influences of musical scores from classic Italian horror films, and stylistically this album falls in line with what fans can typically expect from this band – dark melodies, heavy riffs, and poignant lyrics.

Lacuna Coil is truly the embodiment of music in their genre – they have a distinguishable sound that doesn’t falter or compromise. That is not to say, however, that some modern influences are lacking in their work.

Broken Crown Halo begins with its first single, “Nothing Stands in Our Way,” and it is a pure driving force of melodic sounds and instrumentals. Scabbia’s vocals are compelling and powerful and the screams by Ferro are well placed and appropriately carnal. Tracks like “Zombie,” “Victims,” and “I Burn In You” are fun rockers, but they are reminiscent of the work of many other bands in the late 2000s, and are not too original. “Hostage to the Light” showcases Scabbia’s impressive vocal range, and on tunes like “Cybersleep” and “In The End I Feel Alive,” listeners can hear synthesizers snaking throughout the tracks which exhibit the musical growth of this band as well as their willingness to experiment with their sound.

While the majority of the songs on this album show a great deal of promise from their lead-ins, the tracks themselves generally fall short and leave the listener disappointed. Musically no drastic risks were taken, and therefore nothing monumentally was gained. While Broken Crown Halo is definitely worth listening to, fans will unfortunately have to wait a little longer for an album that matches the grit and intensity of Dark Adrenaline. (Kara Kulpa)

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