If you’re familiar with the metal band Born of Osiris, then you should know their guitarist Lee McKinney who is nothing short of a beast on guitar. He is back with another solo album that can only be described as one thing: beautiful. In his second full-length album In The Light of Knowledge, he takes you on a journey of epic proportions, dishing out a hysteria of guitar playing that is nothing short of candy for your ears.

Each track on this album is a trip around a fretboard. Lee McKinney is a master of his craft, and every song proves that. If his first album Infinite Mind blew you away, you will definitely want to check this one out. And, if you haven’t listened to his first album, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Both albums take up heavy reins of creating something new and interesting in terms of instrumental metal, and they do something that very few seldom do: they succeed.

The opening track and lead single “Crystal Song” is as if Owl City did a metal track. It’s a sparkly song that has some fantastic leads in it. It’s a great way to start off the album, but admittedly, it’s a strange lead single. I’m not sure how well this song really represents this album. Nonetheless, it’s a fun song with strong composition, and great guitar.

Each track takes a different approach and feel to how the song is crafted. “Stormrage” has a high-velocity opening and features chuggy guitars, whereas “The Reason” is a slower song, featuring what sounds like a Spanish guitar lead, but still shows off Lee McKinney’s prowess of being a guitarist. That’s one of the reasons In The Light of Knowledge is a great album. It takes all these different ideas and meshes them together to make this incredible work of art.

The one thing I didn’t expect, but is fantastic on this release, is the saxophone. It pops up in songs and steals the show. There’s something about metal and saxophone that just goes together very nicely, especially on In The Light of Knowledge. It flows together, and although it’s unexpected, it’s very welcomed.

This album is nothing short of incredible. If you’re a fan of metal, playing guitar, or just music in general, you need to put this on your radar because it will blow you away. Everything from the production to the notes that are played will stun you. It’s a work of art, and your ears will thank you for it.

Be sure to check out In The Light of Knowledge when it comes out January 14 via Sumerian Records.

Check it out here.


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