Leif Vollebekk
North Americana
(Leif Vollebekk/Outside Music)

It would be nearly impossible to not mention Ryan Adams when discussing Canada’s Leif Vollebekk and his stunning new album North Americana. The familiar imperfect vocals, soulful and poetic songwriting and folksy/bluesy mood of the Adams masterpiece Gold are dripping all over these hushed, sophisticated tunes and are delivered with much sincerity and heartfeltness. Though it begins in Nashville with a rustic pull, the mid point brings in plenty of piano moments and it exits with a sparse, Elliott Smith-esque beauty. If you think there’s not enough room in your collection for another singer/songwriter guy who can capture your mind with a lap steel and harmonica, well then you haven’t heard Leif Vollebekk yet. (Tom Haugen)

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