Like Pacific
Distant As You Asked
(Pure Noise Records)

Like Pacific are the type of band that throw their all into what they create. The band from Canada, spark into life when they’re in their zone, constructing songs that are intelligent and powerful. And with some music these days lacking that foundation, that intellectual viewpoint, it’s safe to say that Like Pacific have it all tuned in.

The wordplay on their new LP Distant As You Asked is vivid and highly discerning. It cracks into the lyrical formula, and adds a complex dimension. They’re words that evoke and shock, that enthral and impress. And that a rarity in the punk scene nowadays, and who is complaining?

The band seem deeply rooted in showcasing their talents extensively. The instrumentals are infectious, those battering guitar lines are inspired, and the vocals are raw. And peace seems off the agenda, there’s so much going on, there’s so much pain in the lyrics and the voice. There’s also dark undertones trying to flourish, but they’re kept underground barely.

It is a dark album. There’s no doubt about it. There’s pessimism, negativity growing as fast as weeds. But, that makes it intriguing. It showcases diversity and feeling, sincerity and integrity. And the band seem okay with that. They seem grounded and on point with everything, never losing momentum.

The album begins with ”Richmond”. It starts with the rush of vocals complimented by a great guitar sequence. And it seems like the protagonist of this fable is losing his love and life. He’s holding on but he knows that’s not enough. ”Assisted Breathing” begins with an energetic riff that develops and impresses. Again, the lyrics play a massive role, churned out to evoke. The main character describes being bruised and he craves answers. ”Hang” opens with another stellar guitar line, it’s punchy and alert. The main theme of this record seems to be directed at rotten love and broken ties, and it does give the album progressiveness and originality.

Like Pacific are a band who use poetic lines to attract a response. That’s a brilliant thing and it shows the band are diverse and not just another act with the same formula. (Mark McConville)

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