Pissed off, honest and original are the adjectives that vocalist Rob Watson of Lionheart used to describe their newest album, Love Don’t Live Here. Breaking through the first 30 seconds of opening track “Pain” exemplifies just what he was describing. Known for doing everything in their power to not fit the mold of normal hardcore, the California quintet utilize plenty of traits of the genre to smash through the norm. Love Don’t Live Here is out now through the group’s own label LHHC, and distributed through BDHW Records in Europe and Asia.

Prepare for a record that is about as in your face as one can get. Rob Watson and company are not scared to let you know what the fuck is up. During the breakdown of “Keep Talkin” he grabs your attention to let you know his shits are worth more than your opinion. It’s a bit cringeworthy of a line but again, it’s honest and rage filled that collides with a groovy chug centered end to the track.

Lionheart have plenty of merit in their compositions when one focuses on the music. Each track is easy to follow and able to get the adrenaline rushing by bursting forward with bass drum kicks rounding out the distorted guitars. “Bury Me” and “Lock Jaw” come to mind as being powerful in their music. The latter has an twisting guitar solo in it that I was not expecting one bit; but the chorus riff pounds and crashes through the mix before coming to a breakdown that includes a bark. You read that right.

Love Don’t Live Here is 11 tracks full of pure aggression channeled by Watson’s constant reminder of where he has been. Melodies don’t really find too much room to breathe through the constant beat down and assault from Lionheart. It’s one crushing riff after another mixed into prolific chugs and feral screams. Working three jobs has made Watson a soda bottle, and the cap has blown off and all the fizz and explosiveness has been unleashed. (Sean Gonzalez)

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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