Hardcore Friends
(Lame-O Records)

Lithuania’s strength is sustained within their engaging vocalist. The vocal texture is unique and is one of those purely alluring and magnetic voices; it’s not your typical and mere fun and hyped, punk voice. They hold a special flare that stands out beyond other modern punk and hardcore vocalists.

Hardcore Friends opens with an energetic track titled “God in Two Persons.” Punk elements in the song’s standard pattern of power-chords with a classic down strum sound are coupled with a underground indie-rock flair.

This indie-rock flair is illusive on the second track “2009.” This is definitely the best, catchiest and most edgy song on the album. It is driven by groovy bass lines and catchy lyrical riffs and repetition. This songs strength is rooted in the dynamics between the verses and the chorus. The groovy verses prepare you for the explosive chorus, creating a successful effort at a truly contrasting and alluring piece of music. The majority of vocals are clean but there are just enough verses with hardcore-screams to make it edgy.

Lithuania has great musicianship and songwriting, making Hardcore Friends a great listen. (Macie Bennett)

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