I’ve never really been able to take metal seriously. Sure, I listen to Metallica, and I dated a guy who was really into Slayer, but other than that, my experience was limited, and I didn’t really dive into the genre. When I heard the term “progressive metal,” I was skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Lord Divine.

Founded in 2002 and hailing from Rosario, Argentina, Lord Divine has rocked the metal world to its core. Their forthcoming album,  Facing Chaos, was released through Fighter Records (Spain). 

The album opens with the traditional Latin hymn “ Overture (Dires Ires)” featuring a choir for the vocal arrangements, and the instrumentals are heart pounding intense. Not as ominous as the version one would hear at a funeral, but much more urgent in its delivery and execution. The track “Divided” ft. Julian Barrett has a unique texture that is reminiscent of John Carpenter’s, “Halloween” with a piano melody that sounds eerily close to the theme, and this provides a sense of terror, even though the lyrics promote the exact opposite.

 The final track, “The Rage on Me,” is about 12 minutes long and sounds like what one might hear during the final battle in “Dark Souls” if they chose a metal-based soundtrack. It’s all consuming and gigantic within the rich production. The track teeters between orchestral adventuring and face-melting metal, making it apparent that the band has tastes that cover the entire spectrum. It also hints at possible classical training. 

All in all, the entire album is a testament to the idea that metal isn’t necessarily lyrically punishing. In this case, the term “progressive metal” is the best way to describe this lyrically positive but musically heavy companionship.

Purchase the album here. 

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