Lord Dying
Summon the Faithless

Lord Dying are about to unleash the behemoth “Summon the Faithless”. Five to ten years ago, when I thought of Relapse Records, I conjured a certain sound and specific bands that kept releasing on that label. But in the last three to five years, Relapse has really spread their spectrum of sound; as well as taking chances on lesser known bands and first releases.

The press kit touts Lord Dying taking cues from Kylesa and High on Fire, and those are undeniable influences. However, do not discount the Bay Area Thrash influence, like Testament and Death Angel. Other bands like Yob, Black Cobra, and even Eyehategod come to mind as well. The Artwork of the cover beckons the classic covers of Death.

This is heavy. And the production lends itself to the organic feel of the recording. No slick production here. You feel as if you are listening to a band in front of you; which is glorious with these thick riffs pummeling you by the second. With most riffs weighing a ton, and some interesting chord progressions, the mid tempo roiling drums form the perfect foundation, Do not expect to go to fast here.

“Descent into External” relies on the double bass patterns and riding riffs and growled lyrics to carry the beast of a song. “Perverse Osmosis” is centered around a groove, but the production, again, lends itself to the feel of the group and does not exploit the groove to lean on in some over-produced, crisp production approach. This stays ugly as hell. From the first track, “In a Frail State…”, the listener is mesmerized by a low tone of swaying riffs.

This Portland, Oregon band has more than meets the eye without trying to be something it’s not. There is a slight noise rock element that keeps prodding at you as your head is banging to the caustic notes of this authentic metal band. Lord Dying takes notes from their favorite bands without biting any style. This is a damn fine, heavy-ass record. You should buy it.

FFO: (All referenced bands, plus…) 16, Unsane, Fudge Tunnel, Entombed, Conan, Black Breath (Hutch13)

Purchase Summon the Faithless here: http://www.relapse.com/LordDying


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