The Lost Poets

The Lost Poets based in Stockholm, Sweden consists of David Rosengren on vocals and guitar, and Petter Ossian Strömberg on drums and bass). These two guys made an album that sounds like a whole band and has some of the sounds of ‘70s hard rock like Black Sabbath mixed with the Jim Morrison and newer grunge, but it all works somehow.

I love the gritty sound that the band has, with a bit of echo and a touch of psychedelic rock on “Die To Live,” they really made a song that pulls you in and just holds onto you. The dirty sounding production on the EP’s five tracks gives it a live sound that I loved. The title song is a slower and very close, cramped sounding song that just builds and comes back down at the very end and gives off a creepy, spooky vibe that makes for an exciting experience. The last song, “Inside The Cage” is a very short acoustic track with spoken lyrics, and reminded me of The Jesus And Mary Chain without the feedback and fuzz added.

All in all, this was a very nice taste of what the band can do, and now that I have had a taste, I want to have more. This is a very dark sounding EP and may not be what everyone looks for, but I’m glad that it found its way to me. (Rick Ecker)

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