The Lost Riots
The Stories Are True

This Connecticut punk band has been fighting the good fight for quite a while and it’s about time they got some attention outside of their home state. This new album should do the trick.

On it they merge the sound of classic punk, with some detours into surf and hard rock, with the hardcore shouting of lead singer Jeffrey Thunders. It’s loud, fast and to the point, with hardly any song cracking the two minute mark.

Credit must also be given to guitarist Benny Blanko. He comes up with a array of interesting riffs, plus he knows when to vary their sound by throwing in hints of surf and hard rock, along with the occasional guitar solo. It adds extra muscle to the songs.

The first proper track on the album “Die Alone” showcases what the band does right. It features driving guitars, a propulsive rhythm section, couple with Thunders’ shouts. It also manages to toss in a stinging solo from Blanko. All in under two minutes. “Astoria BLVD” features more brokedown lyrics from Thunders and more cool little guitar accents from Blanko. “King Of The Burbs” starts off with a surf rock lick and then blasts right into a full on punk rager. “Aimee” merges garage punk with hardcore, “We’re Getting Old” is a full on acoustic track. Closer “NYC Nights” ends the album on with some loud and fast reminiscing.

The Stories Are True is a bullshit free seminar on the art of stripped down punk rock. Here’s hoping it snags them a few more fans.

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