Loud Boyz
Tough Love, Hard Feelings
(Cricket Cemetery)

On Anthrax’s, Sound of White Noise, they used a sample of Griffin Dunne in My Girl, saying, “Be dangerous unpredictable and make a lot of noise”. I don’t think a cool quote validates seeing such a sap filled film like that, but it sure could be the creed of Loud Boyz. These DC dudes are releasing their full length, Tough Love, Hard Feelings. The band is tight as hell, but still harnesses danger, unpredictability and well, yeah, Loud Boyz make a lot of noise.

Raw and raucous, a flood of influences crash my mental, but the island of originality stays solid at the core. The grumpy stalwart in me despises when someone tells me they like “punk” and then names some clean, polished production band on a major label and an image. Loud Boyz are young and celebrate many elements of Oi, Glam, rock, and fifty shades of punk. Pure intent fuses and patches and slaps together these pieces without caution to complete their body of sinister music.

Tough Love, Hard Feelings is a heavy album mostly. But it is an angry album thoroughly. The songwriting on certain songs, “Hard Feelings”, “Loud Boyz in Love”, “4 The Ladies”, conjures the speed and tense frustration of 90’s streetpunk. They have the ethos and appearance of an art space band. Certain songs will lend to that crowd. In the end, this is all DIY punk. “#goodluck” will bring out the kids for the pit with a vicious breakdown and sing along. Songs rip through speakers, with a dirty twang and impressions of relentless beatings. “World is a Cage” kills too.

The live feel of the production approach retains the classic punk sound of this band. “Knives” kicks off the album with a Bad Brains’ Black Dots feel, with supplemental gang vocals that will enrage a live crowd. The sweat will manifest on your headphones. All five members push their limits. While the band has no real boundaries, they never indulge. They never get too weird or veer to experimental. A catchy strum is the foundation for most songs, but a harsh feral feel is what you’ll remember afterwards.

Expect that this band will light up shows, from VFW halls to basements. But they have the potential to be bigger. They will make that decision. Their vision and sincerity is palpable. The authenticity of the urgent need to spew unfettered truth in their manner is undeniable. Keeping it this real will let them do whatever the hell they want. They can go a different, more indie way, a la Iceage or Cerbal Ballzy, or stay this clinically insane and ravage hardcore shows. (Hutch)

RIYL: Fucked Up, Cerebal Ballzy, Blue Bloods, Deep Sleep, Cloak/Dagger, Pissed Jeans, Night Birds, Coliseum, Stiff Little Fingers, Whiskey Rebels, 86 Mentality, Nerve Agents; 77 punk, early 80s LA hardcore.

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