Lucifer are back, only a year after their previous album, III, with another numerically titled album, IV, once againg bringing you the eerie, proto-metal, earworms your heart desires. You can hear traces of Pentagram, Heart and even, Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac in their sound, but what separates this band from your standard bunch of retro-metallers, is their focus on songwriting. Almost every song on this album, has catchy, hard rocking riffs, ripping solos and choruses that will stay with you long after you’re done playing it.

It ‘s all topped off by the honeyed vocals of mainwoman, Johanna Platow Andersson, who is a master of drawing the listener in and keeping them captivated, through her macabre lyrics, and turns of phrase. Though, it must be said, that even though the musical milieu the band is rooted is in the past, for some reason I can feel a touch of classic Danzig in their sound and delivery, in that it merges the macabre with the sensual. They just exude this dark, enticing aura, which is similar to the Evil Elvis, but it’s totally their own.

“Wild Hearses” is doom laden and eerie, featuring a ripping solo and killer riffs, that is also quite catchy. Speaking of catchy, “Crucifix (I Burn You)” is an earworm of the highest order, while “Bring Me His Head” follows down a similar path, with its high energy riffs, more ripping solos and accents, and another catchy chorus. “Louise” opens with a big, doomy riff, and is a bit more self-reflective. “Nightmare” features an eerie organ and atmosphere to along with the riffs, and alternates between quieter moments and louder ones, to create another winner of a song.

IV continues their streak of putting out quality albums that ooze with an eerie atmosphere, but also know how to rock out at the same time. There is much to love about a band like this. They know what they’re doing and they do it very well.  They are a cut above many bands mining similar ground. They just do it, so damn well.

So, it’s time to get spooky, while you get your rock on.

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