Luther Dickinson
Blues & Ballads – A Folksinger’s Songbook: Volumes I & II
(New West)

A large batch of songs that span Dickinson’s impressive career, there’s tunes penned from his time in North Mississippi Allstars as well as songs passed down from his family and mentors. Largely blues and folk arrangements, Dickinson takes company with Amy LeVere, JJ Grey, Jason Isbell and Mavis Staples to name a few, and the mood changes from the dusty rural roads of the south to rowdy, uproarious pews. Vocals, from many different mouths, and guitars make up the bulk of the double album, and the studio live recordings in various places gives this an organic, loose feel and evokes imagines of Dickinson and friends on their front porch. The vinyl version even comes with a songbook and sheet music. (Tom Haugen)

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