Pilgrimage of Loathing
(Accident Prone Records)

It’s tempting to gloss over MAKE’s third album as yet another in a line of good but not great post-metal acts. The same fate almost befell the North Carolina’s previous album (the great The Golden Veil); however, devoting time to something is important, and with a strong message, and even stronger (and improved) songwriting chops, MAKE is a showing themselves to be a band worth the effort.

What’s fascinating is how different the two albums are. The Golden Veil was all about the slow build with an undercurrent of psychedelia. Pilgrimage of Loathing contains some true bangers, and it’s clearly fueled by emotions that could be colored red. The album is fueled by the band’s disgust at the current state of the US political system, and it’s clear they aren’t exactly in the GOP camp (to say the least). That righteous fury helps propel the occasionally towering songs unto higher levels. MAKE are more of a doom band than an outright post-metal band (at least as far as their songwriting goes), and that makes sense given how damn crushing this album is. The most peaceful song is, truly laughably, entitled “Two Hawks Fucking”. It’s quite a serene track before the brief “Human Garbage” lets the listener know how the band feels about home state Governor Pat McCrory (of HB2 infamy). Elsewhere, be caught up in the graceful punishing groove of opener “The Somnambulist”.

MAKE are, well, making quite a collection of excellent modern doom for themselves. Pilgrimage of Loathing expands upon everything that made their sophomore record great without diluting their unique take on pretty, dark music. If there is a perfect soundtrack to pensively rally against the state of our Union, this is pretty damn close.

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