The Golden Veil

There are some sounds where the difference between quality and crap is pretty miniscule. Since the relative expansion of post-metal in a post-Isis (the band!) and Neurosis world, there are a lot of bands that do the post-rock plus doom metal thing really well, and it’s often difficult to sift through the bunch to find the top-tier quality. Generally the best bands remember to write actual songs instead of soundscapes and riffs, but considering the vast sonic palate of most post-metal, it’s grown more difficult to stand out over time.

North Carolina’s MAKE doesn’t necessarily make their own mark on the post-metal landscape, as their sound borrows from Mouth of the Architect, Rosetta, and Isis, but that doesn’t hamper the quality on display throughout The Golden Veil. MAKE has improved since its last release, 2011’s Trephine, but the changes are subtle. The band understands momentum and atmosphere, two vital characteristics of any good slow-building record. Maybe most surprisingly, The Golden Veil isn’t all that heavy, leaning heavily on the Isis-style for crushing beauty.

Like other quality post-metal, MAKE’s latest effort unfolds over multiple listens, allowing the stoner influence to meld into your mind. It’s acidity is light, but it adds another welcome layer to the proceedings. The latest from the band isn’t going to change your opinion on post-metal, but if you’re looking for another quality release, you’ve definitely found it. (Nicholas Senior)

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