Man Overboard
Heart Attack
(Rise Records)

Man Overboard’s latest album has late 1990s pop punk all over it. A lot of bands in our latest Pop Punk scene either have too much pop or too much punk. Heart Attack has a nice blend of both. The bands single “Where I Left You” is a perfect example of the perfect blend of pop and punk. “Where I Left You” is upbeat and poppy with a perfect mix of the two vocalists. This songs vocal style reminds me of the Blink-182 days that we all loved. While you may have fallen in love with “Where I Left You” for its amazing blend of pop and punk you might still fall in love with “Suppy” for its punk sound. “Suppy” is upbeat and punk that resembles punk bands from the late 1990s.

Heart Attack is an album that gives any fan of Pop Punk something to listen to. “Wide Awake” is a slow and soft song with acoustic guitars. “Hoodie Song” is a heavy version of Pop Punk with boarder line screams. Each song is different in some way. Unlike most albums the style doesn’t change over the course of the album it changes abruptly and bounces all over.

I guarantee that if you like Pop Punk in any way you will like at least one song on Heart Attack. It really does “Defend Pop Punk.” (Justin Petrucci)

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  1. eehhh this album was okay. the lyrics are bad and most of the songs were way too poppy.

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