A Sunday Night Above The Rain
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My favorite thing about writing about music is all the random, weird stuff that I come across. One such case is the recent live offering A Sunday Night Above The Rain from British prog-rockers Marillion. Prior to listening to this album, I didn’t know much about the band other than the fact that they exist and they are Dan Swanö’s favorite band and he’s my one of favorite producers and musicians of all time, so I figured they were worth a shot.

Before listening to the album, I read a bit about the band and was intrigued to find that they are ridiculously popular. Over the years, they have sold MILLIONS of albums in their career. They also have a bi-annual “Marillion Weekend” that fans travel all over the world to (2015’s weekend in Holland is sold out already!). Interestingly enough, this recording was actually done at the 2013 “Marillion Weekend” in Holland, which makes a lot of sense judging by the crowd’s reaction. In fact, that’s my favorite part of this record. The crowd is just SUPER into it the whole time from the first note to the last. In fact, they even take over singing a few times, which is rad. The set list of this recording is a mixture of songs from 2012’s Sounds That Can’t Be Made and rare fan favorites and not only does the crowd love the new songs as much as the old, but the band seems to completely feed off of this atmosphere and energy the whole time.

One of the things about Marillion that I should point out, however, is that their music isn’t for everyone. Their music leans heavily towards an older, more melodic, Pink Floyd – The Division Bell style of progressive rock, which isn’t bad necessarily, but does get a bit boring after a while. Thankfully, the musicianship and crowd reaction alone make this disc worth checking out. (Brandon Ringo)

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