After the long few years of bands not being able to tour, and people all around asking what the hell is going on, it seems that more and more musicians from popular bands are starting to release solo projects just for fun. That’s not any different in the case of Matt Brasch, the guitarist from Philadelphia pop-punk band The Wonder Years. He is finally releasing a solo EP titled, Days, Months, Years, Blood, Sweat, Tears, and I think this only marks the beginning of his solo career. 

The four track EP is a quick listen, but in the roughly 14 minute EP, he doesn’t hold back. Heartfelt, relatable lyrics, a mix of songs that take inspiration from multiple genres, and great instrumentation make this a solid EP, and one that hopefully is followed up by more music. Wishful thinking asks for a full-length, but with The Wonder Years touring and possibly releasing a new album this year, who can say for sure.

Each track is an introspective look into the multi-instrumentalists life. Lyrically, he is talking about himself in each track, but the lyrics are so relatable, I found myself thinking if we shared a brain. Sonically, this album takes inspiration from a slew of genres, but focuses on alternative rock.  Each track felt different, but concise with the idea Matt was building on in this release.

Opening on “The Next Few Weeks”, it’s a slow burn of a song that focuses more on lyrics than anything else. It’s a great opening, really setting up how the rest of the EP will follow. A steady drum beat keeps the guitar riff in line until the end when the instruments create an explosive ending that leads into the second song.

“Never-Ending Cycle” follows, and is a harder song that seems to take inspiration from emo and post-hardcore. The drumming in this song is the best on the album. It is a non-stop machine that doesn’t let up throughout the song. The chorus is fun, catchy, and the song as a whole is a switch-up from the first song, but somewhat the same. It brings a darker tone in terms of the guitar, but it’s a great song.

Next is “Is It Too Late to Try”, and honestly may be the best on the album. Starting off with an acoustic guitar, the lyrics bleed honesty. “I’m scared to show my face, I’m scared to use my voice, I’m scared to share my love, and open myself up” are sung over strummed guitar chords that leave Matt Brasch’s voice the center of attention. An electric guitar joins the acoustic to fully make this fantastic song, utilizing hammer-ons and creating a fantastic lead section that, after hearing it, can’t be used for any other song but this one. Although softer in tone compared to the other songs, it is a shining force on this EP.

The lead single, and last song “I’m Not Getting Any Younger”, turns gears and teeters on a more pop-punk sound. It’s a ripping song, with solid leads, great rhythm sections, and bombastic drums. And what a way to end this EP. This is a song you can blast while driving and sing along to every word which may make you feel a little better that someone out there relates to you.

The only bad thing about this is that it’s four tracks. I would have loved to hear more, but we’ll just have to wait patiently for more music from Matt Brasch.

You can check out Days, Months, Years, Blood, Sweat, Tears when it’s released January 14th, and be sure to buy it digitally on Bandcamp. 25% of the proceeds from the EP will be given to MusiCares, an organization that helps musicians by providing a safety net for those that need health and welfare services.

Check it out here.


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