MDC / The Restarts
(Beer City Skateboards And Records)

This album originally came out in 2009 and has been out of print for some time, but now it’s back and remastered for that extra oomph in sound to shred your ears. Fifteen tracks split up with MDC originally from Texas getting the first seven and the UK’s Restarts getting eight tracks of pure energy.

MDC has been going since 1981 when they started out in Austin, TX and haven’t lightened up the political warfare that they have been carrying on since then. Gruff, but clear vocals on these tracks make it fairly easy to hear how pissed off they are and the tight playing brings to mind the old days of hardcore back in the ‘80s before it became a jock/tough guy scene that went more metal than punk. This is a blast of fresh air to these old ears with the powerful songs making you want to jump up and not only shout along, but think as well…a very nice mixture instead of just mindless shouting and posturing. Every track is an attack on society and will stick with you long after you have heard the last song.

The Restarts from London, England have been around a lot less than MDC, only since 1995, but they are every bit as pissed off and take the album up a notch with their manic playing and almost incoherent vocals, but if you take the time to listen, you can understand them and just like MDC, the lyrics are a big part of the music. The vocals are super gruff and really show just how pissed off they are with everything. The band has a great buzz saw guitar sound and the pummeling drums and thick bass really make for a great sound that grabs you and won’t let go. The added touch of ska, wait, wait…it’s not that shitty ska punk sound from the ‘90s, instead it’s angry ska mixed with blistering punk and works perfectly on “Square One.”

All in all, a release that will have fans of both bands pogoing for happiness that this is back on the market and will hopefully give the curious a chance to hear two bands that not only have been around for a while, but hopefully will stay around for a lot longer.

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