Midnight Call is the newest album by Scottish singer-songwriter Michael Cooke. The record is Cooke’s follow-up to Doin Alright, an eight-track release dropped in 2020. Cooke, who is also an actor, used his time during lockdown to write music. The result is Midnight Call, a heartfelt and personal album with the kind of chill vibes perfect for relaxing weekends and laid-back times.

Cooke is a former athlete who had aspired to be in the Olympics until an injury prevented him from doing so. On Midnight Call, Cooke imparts lessons learned from this and other past experiences.

“So many people let life pass them by and get caught up in group identity because they are scared of knowing themselves,” says Cooke. “I think once you start down the road of knowing yourself, there’s no going back, and let’s be honest it’s pretty terrifying you see a lot of things about yourself you don’t like and it’s very hard to ignore.”

“Around Here” imparts such realizations by telling a story about snippets from everyday moments. “Tired eyes but you’re never sleeping/ Poets die selling love/ So remember me when I’m gone.” Nothing is taken for granted in Cooke’s songwriting and storytelling.

There is an intimacy and immediacy to Midnight Call that derives from the tranquil and laid-back vibes. The sounds on Midnight Call range from 60s folks to indie acoustic of the 00s singer-songwriters. That combination feels like a logical coupling under the musicianship of Cooke, who on top of that sings with clarity and earnestness that is delightful.

“Don’t Let The World” showcases Cooke’s ability to craft catchy poppy indie acoustic jams. There are also moments of experimentation and innovation. “World’s Spinning Under Me” has an almost 80s pop quality. The result is an album with a clear and defined sound that also offers eclectic moments.

Midnight Call is a charming and positive listening experience that is upbeat and invigorating. The newest record from Michael Cooke is out now.   

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