Millie Manders and the Shutup should be on everyone’s playlist. There’s something for everyone when you listen to this cross-genre outfit, and their hugely anticipated album ‘Telling Truths, Breaking Ties’ lives up to expectations. Featuring previously released singles, ‘Your Story’, ‘Silent Screams’ and ‘Bitter’, the highly elevating release is destined to get worldwide recognition. 

Previously heard single ‘Your Story’ is fast-paced and refuses to be left behind. Millie explains, “Your Story was inspired by a short, intense relationship where I was, unfortunately, a rebound. Having been very guarded, it took me a long time to allow this person in. They said all the right things, and I fell. That was when they decided they had “said it all too early.” Watching their “stories” on social media and wishing I was still part of them inspired the chorus, the first part of the song to be written.” 

‘Broken Record’ proves that they should be the top of your list to see live at some point if you live in the UK. Impactful and bathed in punk elements, the quick-thinking lyrics are iconic and some of the most creative lyrics on the whole LP. Refreshingly original, ‘Here We Go Again (Black Dog)’ is straight in with power from it’s relatable lyricism. Moving onto a track that discusses mental health issues, ‘Silent Screams’ is a cry for help. Battling against imprisoning thoughts, the fourth track on the album is sadly relatable for so many people out there now more than ever. 

‘Bitter’ feels brutally honest. Not for the faint hearted, the soaring chorus is coated in venom. Punk, ska and even metal are prominent in the track’s core, and the message tackles abandonment, cowardice, and bravery. A track that’s a soft contrast from the last, the off-beat rhythm of ‘Poor Man’s Show’ is good, old fashioned ska. Instantly getting you swaying to it’s contagious beat, it’s political nature is truly needed at the moment. 

Punk influenced contender ‘Panic’ is filled with grit and a whole lot of balls. Wake up and panic, the world needs us to care for it! Next track ‘Glitter Mix’ begins with a subtle nudge towards the sound that Skunk Anansie portrayed on their album ‘Paranoid and Sunburnt’, which is never a bad thing. Showcasing Millie’s vocal range, the melancholic arrangement illustrates how versatile this band truly are. A strong moment on the album that tells an emotive story. 

Concluding with electrifying pop-punk numbers ‘Not Okay’ and ‘Burnout’, the overall album is exactly what you want a debut album to sound like. Original, youthful but mature, and most importantly… filled with personality. 

Telling Truths, Breaking Ties is out now, and is worthy of it’s own crown. 

Purchase this album.


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