From Beer To Eternity
(13th Planet Records) 

The latest and apparently last Ministry album (number thirteen for those keeping count) starts out in typical Al Jourgensen-fashion, random samples over heavy-distorted guitars instantly attacking the senses. The album is dedicated to late guitarist Mike Scaccia (who passed away onstage of a heart attack late last year), with “Change of Luck” being written directly for him. “PermaWar” serves as the first single, but it’s tracks like “Perfect Storm” and “Punch In the Face” that truly stand out. The album cover itself (which features a caricature of Jourgensen pulling a net full of scantly-clad women through a type of barren wasteland) is actually one of the more interesting things about FBTE. Honestly, there’s not really too much new here, but those looking to quench their industrial metal thirsts should not be let down. If this definitely is to be the final Ministry album ever, I suppose there’s worse ways to go out. (Jesse Striewski)

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  1. Definitely one of my favorite industrial albums of the year. If you don’t like electronics, this album won’t do it for you. But if you love the mix of electronics and brash guitars, then you’ll love it. I personally gave it about a 4. Definitely one of the best Ministry albums to date, and this is coming from a hardcore fan. Yeah, I even liked With Sympathy.

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