Minor Poet’s new album, “The Good News,” released through Sub-Pop, is a deliciously tropical and laid-back record. This album feels like a sunny and 75 day,  and an afternoon where my most significant plans are laying out and eating. Delightful and catchy this is the record of the summer.

Minor Poet has taken their sound and completely reworked themselves into an 80’s tropics dream team.  The ethereal sounds mixed with their electronica influence make for a match made in heaven. The first track, “Tabula Rosa” opens with a bongo drum feature that almost sounds like the song “Africa.” If that is any indication of where this album is going, you won’t be surprised that the following track, “Tropic of Cancer” is every Beach Boys fan wet dream. Opening with a Casio inspired twinkle. The song fades into a steady surf-rock groove. The steady rhythm is punctuated with horns, and the Casio beat leads us into vocal harmonies that cover you like the waves they’re singing about. The reoccurring “don’t worry, baby” gives an air of nostalgia and summertime love. On the track “Bite Your Tongue/All Alone Now” the lyricism goes above and beyond in terms of thematic content.

This track hits to the core with its unique production this record features elements that span the last few decades of music, with Ska influence, surf rock’s “Wall of Sound,” and Glam Rock’s strong melodies this album gives a brief history of rock. Minor Poet has crafted quintessential summer record, and the radio is sure to fall in love with this record.

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