Misery Index
The Killing Gods
(Season of Mist)

Baltimore leaders of death grind combine expansive guitar work, relentless blast beats and intelligent lyrics to make any fan bleed from the ears. Saturated riffs of political dissent are driven by a heed to the ignorant. Misery Index is the halcyon of reason for purchasing metal’s tangible products. Victims of this sonic barrage should read lyrics and become immersed in the artwork to fully delve into the mindset of Misery Index.

Once a project formed by ex-Dying Fetus Jason Netherton (bass) and ex-Dying Fetus Kevin Talley (drume) and Mike Harrison (guitars), they eventually continued recruiting from Dying Fetus, for Sparky Voyles (guitar) and became a full time band. The band has released albums on two titan labels of extreme, Nuclear Blast (1) and Relapse (3). Misery Index christened their new relationship with Season of Mist by releasing a destructive live album last year. Which considering their extensive and ardent dedication to touring, was fitting foreplay. Diving into their back catalog, Misery Index improves on each album. The Killing Gods is no different.

A revamped line up, after Sparky retired, consists of Jason still harnessing the bass, present Pig Destroyer drummer, Adam Jarvis, Mark Kloeppel (guitar), and Darin Morris (lead guitar). This invigorated version draws from early Sepultura, Entombed and Morbid Angel. And then the grind adoration is sparked by legends like Naplm Death, Phobia.

The lyrics help attach the first five songs to a larger idea. Those collective tracks comprise a single song, “Faust”. Punishing tracks are broken by lucid guitar strings and an animal tapestry with “Faust”. Misery Index is known for their stark opposition to imperialism and technology. “The Harrowing” is another unbelievable exhibition of drumming speed and mammoth riffs that conjure the heavy. Other bastards of sound that reign supreme are “The Calling” and the grinding “Gallows Humor”. The latter harnesses a twisting breakdown that alone is a declaration of maladjusted invasion. “Gallows Humor” executes a finale of a churning groove, just for a dash of variety.

“Colony Collapse” inches out formidable competitors, but most likely wins the fiercest and heaviest piece here. This track features John Gallagher of, you guessed it, Dying Fetus. It is not as if there are any light tunes here, but this jam sticks out to me. The true beginning of the album is blessed by “The Conjuring the Cull”. This savage blend of speed and treacherous breakdowns curdle while screams of “Emaciated for the kill/ they are manufacturing my will” are fed to the listener with visions of destruction and corpses. “I am but a vessel…of mass deception. The revealer…as I manifest darkness of my soul”.

This earth is and its societies are headed towards a desolate, scalding furnace of greed and betrayal. Misery Index has witnessed the violations of the indigenous and nature. Wrath unleashed by the merciless corporations guided by the frail tethers of Manifest Destiny is the fuel. Sexual slavery, pollution, callous and confusing wars, financial treachery; all the ugliness and disgust that constructs the factions of this earth propels the angriest and fiercest Misery Index album yet.

FFO: Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Strong Intention, Death Suffocation, Lock-Up, Skinless (Hutch)

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