Model Zero might be a newly formed band, but their no wave self-titled depute LP suggests otherwise. This makes complete sense since the core of their synergetic vibe is a lineup consisting of Memphis music scene regulars Ex-Cult, Aquarian Blood, and The Sheiks. Brought to you by Black Gladiator and Slovenly Recordings, this album is locked and loaded with aggressive experimental garage rock feels accented by old school electronic sounds. Unevenness in the song curation is its only setback, in this otherwise impressive grouping. For instance, the first track “Kill the Guardian” is something that probably translates well live, but drags on the recording. Quickly, it changes to an energetic trancelike pace that carries throughout. The hidden hero jams are “Sludge” and “9mm”, which really embodies their haunting sound that has an eerie dance sensibility. Another notable banger is the cover of Buffalo Springfield’s hit “Mr. Soul”. This rendition would do Neil Young proud since they add their own dynamically distorted twist while showcasing their deep rock roots. Model Zero created a raw album that does not fall within the typical garage rock guidelines because they created their own barriers made with a unique fusion of different musical muses. 

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