Monks Of Mellonwah
Turn The People
(Gatcome Music)

Sydney, Australia’s Monks Of Mellonwah have released their debut full-length album following a series of EPs since their inception in 2009. This four-piece alternative rock band did something different for their debut album; they broke their full-length record into three different EPs and then released it as a whole album. They have been together over four years and quickly became recognized as a band to notice winning “Best International Rock Band” at the LA Music Awards and AIM Music Awards in 2012 and extensively touring internationally in 2013.

The band has a definite modern / alternative rock sound, and they throw in a lot of touches of classic rock to give it of a longer lasting album than the typical album out there. With a bit of hard rock swagger, “Vanity” has that mixture going for it in spades. The almost funky sound mixed with the crunchy guitar playing could almost get a stand out spot on a classic rock station between your favorite bands. You can hear the sounds of Muse and on “Tear Your Heart Apart” you get the sound of Depeche Mode doing their more rock oriented songs and it works. The album has a definite plus of using the synthesizer to add ambient sounds, quiet flourishes and hints of ‘80s New Wave to the rock that all blends together to make for an interesting mix that will keep you coming back. As you listen to the album, you can hear why they have won the accolades that they have received so far and if they continue to progress, they will receive even more in the future. The song “Escaping Alcatraz” has the sound and feel of something that would fit perfectly as the beginning or ending song to a movie with its huge highs and soaring vocals. Speaking of vocals, Vikram Kaushik is simply fantastic on this album showing his diversity in reaching the high notes and then bringing everything back down again. Of course, the rest of the band deserve credit for the excellent playing throughout the album with expressive playing that shows not only the talent, but the emotion that they put into the songs.

I walked into this not really knowing what to expect from Monks Of Mellonwah and that is a good thing since I was not blinded by the hype or expecting anything from them. I was more than surprised at how much I loved this album and can’t wait to see the band grow and prosper in the future. (Rick Ecker)

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