Empress Rising
(Easy Rider Records)

In the world of extreme metal, there aren’t many genres that are as captivating as doom metal. One reason is that its rulebook only contains one instruction: TONE, TONE AND MORE TONE! As long as your band has a kick ass tone and the ability to lay down sick grooves when needed, you’re going to have a decent enough following. Clearly when the Swedish doom trio Monolord formed, they paid VERY close attention to their doom metal rulebook because their guitar tone is absolutely disgusting.

When I first turned on Empress Rising, their debut record, I was absolutely shocked to hear just how powerful and vicious their massive guitar tone is. I couldn’t help but think when listening to the album’s first track “Empress Rising” that their tone sounds almost identical to that of Electric Wizard’s brilliant Dopethrone. That’s not to say that they are ripping off The Wizard, it’s just simply an indication of how absurdly heavy they are. As the album keeps going, that massively unwieldy tone continues to burrow away into your soul, but the interesting thing is that due to their roots in the rock n’ roll band Marulk, these Swedish titans have a clear grasp on keeping their songs from pounding on too long and getting boring. It’s rare these days to hear a band with such a cumbersome sound churn out this kind of foot-stomping, neck-nodding doom metal, but that’s exactly what Monolord have achieved with Empress Rising and they certainly deserve every bit of praise coming their way for the crafting of such a fantastic record.
(Brandon Ringo)

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