(Eat Lead And Die)

These guys wasted absolutely no time in crafting this brand new release right on the heels of 2012’s Album Of Man. Yes, you heard me right. They just released a new album, so this is their new, new album. Although I hadn’t expected the work to have been thrown together so quickly, Monsterworks has never given me a reason to doubt them and I have to say that I prefer this effort much more than I did the Album Of Man. The band have really upped the ante on this one, with death metal playing side by side with all sorts of progressive fervor, sprinkled with some of the most beautiful melodies I’ve heard from them yet. From the highly melodic opener “From Dust And Gravity” to the balladic closer “Earth” these guys have definitely pushed every facet of their craft to the fullest. And yes, there’s more death metal here than on the last one. Take “Late Heavy Bombardment” and “Powered By Fate” for example; as these songs show that the band certainly can get dirty with their approach, but aren’t afraid to let some folk melodies and clean singing and high pitch vocals in on tracks like “Oxygenation”. Also, this album features more overall guitar power – it’s just brimming at the seams with guitar, guitar and more guitar. The production quality on Earth is also worth noting, as the band has finally found the right mix between rough and clean, making this the best I’ve ever heard these guys sound. New Zealand’s Monsterworks is one of the most interesting acts I’ve come across in recent memory and this one just blew me the fuck away. Needless to say, I highly recommend it and it’s definitely one of my favorite albums for 2013. I’m really blown away by this masterpiece. (Eric May)

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