Morning Glory
War Psalms
(Fat Wreck Chords)

Morning Glory’s War Psalms is rather aptly titled. Like a soundtrack for battle, from Ezra Kire’s emotionally-tense lyrics backed by a barrage of organized noise – machine gun drumming and power chords that drop like bombs – each song marches to the next at such a fast pace that the 13 songs are covered in just over 30 minutes, leaving you spent by the end.

This follow up to the equally impressive Poets Are My Heroes, War Psalms continues to showcase Kire’s chops as a song writer (even a chant like “War Haka,” tucked in the middle of the album and clocking in at less than a minute, is leaps and bounds above what current many bands have to offer in a title track). And much like its predecessor, Kire and the boys prove punk rock is more than just drums and guitars, managing to layer in piano and synthesizers throughout. Musically, punk rock rarely gets better than on a song like “Standard Issue,” with the guitar sirens, piano break and the gang vocals over the drum line. It’s a song even Joe Strummer would have been envious of.

Morning Glory have come a long way since their early experiments with ska. Not to knock that earlier efforts, but there are plenty of ska bands out there today and not nearly enough musicians doing what Moring Glory is doing now. (John B. Moore)

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