Motörhead has been a band for 38 years and the ages of its members are 49, 52 and 67, which means they have been around for a total of 168 years. Think about that for a second. This means that for most New Noise readers, each member of Motörhead is old enough to be your dad or even grandpa. Therefore, because the members of Motörhead are so old, they obviously have lost most of their musical ability and don’t have enough gas in the tank to write music, specifically good music anymore, right?


With the release of Aftershock, Motörhead has officially put out its 21st album, which is pretty insane. Even more insane is that despite the heaviness of each of the last four albums done by producer Cameron Webb, Aftershock is most definitely the best of the bunch.

I have no idea how they did it, but somehow with their 21st studio album, Motörhead have regained their rock n’ roll swagger, upped the punx SIGNIFICANTLY and stripped away the bloated over-production from past albums to create a raw, punch-in-the-dick of an album. Songs like “Do You Believe”, “Lost Woman Blues”, “Death Machine”, “Going To Mexico” and lead single “Heartbreaker” are actually greatest hits quality songs that rank among the best of their career.

Though I don’t understand how Motörhead’s 21st album is actually the most significantly crushing album in 20 years, I certainly tip my hat to Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey Dee, because I’m impressed. I can’t think of one single component of Motörhead’s signature sound that’s not on Aftershock, an album that truly needs to be heard to be believed. (Brandon Ringo)

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