Michigan natives Mover Shaker have returned with a sophomore record, Another Truck Stop, a unique anthology of tracks that chronicle the last three years since the last record was released. This record is both tender and calloused in its delivery, presenting the dichotomy of relationships.

Another Truck Stop, out via Skeletal Lightning, clocks in at 35 minutes, but in its extensive and thorough fleshing of emotions it feels like a full-length, feature film. The record starts off with the track “Latchkey,” a sincere gut punch that follows a formulaic equation for an indie- punk sound. It follows through with a sound that will be familiar to longtime fans and a refreshing take for first-time listeners.

The album showcases the very best of Mover Shaker. Lyrically, it displays absolute sincerity and reads like multiple diary entries. The track “Vilify” is a low hum that focuses on the droning of the guitar and faint, anxious beating of a cymbal mimicking the feeling in your stomach when you know you’re about to get your feelings hurt.

Thematically, it mulls over the knowledge of knowing a relationship is nearing the end. “Put Me to Sleep” takes on a proto-synthwave sound, featuring an 80s-inspired beat and sexier lyrics. The final track, “Another Truck Stop,” brilliantly wraps up the record with a Michigan goodbye. sweetly despondent, this tearjerker sends the listener off with a pseudo lullaby. This ending brings us all back together and reminds us that even when we’re exhausted, our friends and music are the buffer to grief.

Altogether, this record is sophisticated and mature with the ability to expertly blend sounds and bring the best of the Michigan scene to the rest of the states. Exceptionally gifted, Mover Shaker outdo themselves by leaps and bounds. This encapsulates the band’s mission statement of freedom to be and to love, and as we come to the end of 2019, this is one of the standout records of the year.

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