The Last Rager is a short EP set for release just in time for all of your Halloween ragers. The first track would be an instrumental if not for the wave of death chants that pop in and out all over the song. I can envision it now, two ravenous mobs of thrashers in all shapes, sizes, and colors preparing to charge against one another. For a single moment, there is something resembling ranks of a war party with faces on each side you recognize as your guys and their guys. This simulacrum of alliances is an illusion. In seconds it will mean nothing. Tony Foresta, like a starting gun, unleashes the hordes with a command that triggers one of heavy metal’s most beloved rituals – the wall of death. Bodies slip on spilled beer in the turmoil, a beach ball is bouncing around in a sea of humanoids reeking of everything good about the modern barbarian. “Wave of Death” is definitely going on all the setlists.

Since Massive Aggressive came out over a decade ago now, Municipal Waste have been on kind of a slump. There aren’t many places to go creatively when you’re Municipal Waste, which the band itself has somewhat acknowledged by branching off into several side projects (Iron Reagan, Cannabis Corpse, BAT). Fatal Feast and Slime and Punishment were okay, but the band just hasn’t been able to recapture the energy from their first three releases. The Last Rager is a bit too short to measure it against their earlier work (four tracks clocking in at around 10 minutes), but it at least sounds like the guys are having fun again instead of just making another record to pay bills and buy beer. Despite entering into their forties, with exception to drummer Dave who is closer to 50, Municipal Waste proves that they still have some life in them. The songs on The Last Rager have the raw authentic attitude that helped make Hazardous Mutation so good even to this day.

It sounds like the hangover is over. Yeah, I’m thinking Municipal Waste are back.

You can purchase The Last Rager here.

Favorite track: “Rum For Your Life”



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