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So I’m a little late to the party seeing as this is the first complete Muse album I’ve listened to. While there’s little doubt that the British trio are great at what they do, i.e. meshing pop, prog, metal and rock into one accessible sound that has gained them worldwide fame, I’ve often doubted their ability to keep me interested in lingering around longer than, say, a song and a half.

Driven by inspiration extracted from a book about the CIA and war, Drones often sounds like war- a clashing of sounds and gigantic collisions of noise and melody. The metallic riffing and crunchy songs will perk the ears up of the most diehard metal fan, and the soaring, falsetto vocals give the album an operatic quality that gains Muse a unique angle compared to their peers. Though there’s a couple of ballad tunes, most of this is thundering anthems that makes one imagine Queen growing up on a steady diet of prog-rock. Much better than I expected. (Tom Haugen)

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