Redeeming Features is the latest effort from Brooklyn-based, Namesake. Put simply, this is a 12 track record that boasts a perfect blend of Indie, Surf, and Punk Rock. Hypnotic vocal flows lead the way down a journey of unique song transitions, bouncy instrumental work, and heartfelt lyricism. “There’s just something beautiful about attacking really heavy lyrical matter, but at the same time, you can tap your foot along to it,” says lead singer Patrick Phillips. “You’re able to acknowledge things about yourself and to be truthful. But you have to tell your story with a smirk, because we all have our own stuff to go through. It can’t be too self-serious! You definitely have to be truthful with yourself.”

This feeling is present throughout the entire album. While the mood on most of the tracks can be described as somehow joyfully gloomy, the album still holds a very serious tone at times due to the fantastic lyrical work. One beautiful thing about Redeeming Features is that you’re not quite sure what you’ll be getting next. The overall ride that an album takes you on is very important, it’s what keeps you engaged and wanting to hear more. Saying that Namesake has succeeded in crafting an anthemic journey for their listeners is almost an understatement.


This is the band’s debut album under their new name. Before a lineup change, they were known as Honduras. This album is a solid debut, and no doubt will be a release to give new fans of the group listening material to hold them over until the band unleashes whatever it is they might have planned next. You can follow Namesake here.

You can stream the album in its entirety, as well as purchase your own digital copy, here.


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