Old-school metal is incredible. When looking at the greats, it’s hard to not like albums like Masters Of Reality, The Number Of The Beast, and Holy Diver. It’s also even harder to find modern metal that sounds like it. That is, if you’re unfamiliar with Nekromant. Their newest album, Temple Of Haal, is a celebration of that classic metal sound, with modern production that takes it to the next level. The instruments seem to pop on every track, exploding for the listener. This album is a great listen for anybody who loves bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Dio.

Opening on the six minute song “Sileni,” this guitar driven track immediately sets this album up. There should be no mistake on what Nekromant is about, or what they’re putting forth on Temple Of Haal: Blasting drums, chuggy bass, and guitar that is a mix of gothic-inspired solos and strong rhythm sections.

A good portion of the songs on Temple Of Haal are longer, reaching anywhere from five to seven minutes. But, they never felt too long, or long-winded. Each track feels just right, taking you on a journey, while delivering an epic sound to the listener.

“The Woods” was the first single put out, and it’s a powerhouse of a song. In the three and a half minutes, it doesn’t let up. The verses are heavy, seemingly inspired by early Metallica, and the solo that leads up to the final chorus is powerful. This song is a perfect demonstration from the band, and what you’re getting from Temple Of Haal.

“Behind The Veil Of Eyes” followed, being the second, and final single off of Temple Of Haal. It’s a slower song, somewhat of a metal ballad, with the vocals being tremendous on this track specifically. Nice blues-inspired riffs compliment the rest of the song. Seeing as this single is also the final track off of the album, they chose a great way to end it all.

Nekromant did a hell of a job on Temple Of Haal, really recreating that classic metal sound. You can check it out when it comes out December 3 via Despotz Records.

Check it out here.


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